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11% 自2000年以来的平均年度股东总回报
期待未来 股息增长 of 3 to 5%
95% of comparable EBITDA from rate regulated assets or long-term contracts
总资产: 1230亿美元
320亿美元 到2028年的担保资本计划
Progressing toward our GHG intensity reduction target and net zero commitment



  • 为股东带来长期价值的业绩记录
  • 诱人的、不断增长的红利
  • 良好的财务状况
  • 多元化优质资产





11月 28 2023

TC能源更新增长展望, reinforces balance sheet discipline and highlights South Bow spinoff benefits at 2023 Investor Day

卡尔加里,艾伯塔省,11月. 28, 2023年(环球新闻专线)- TC能源公司(TSX, NYSE: TRP) (TC Energy or the Company) will host its annual Investor Day today. The event will reaffirm the Company’s long-standing value proposition and demonstrate that, 通过最大限度地发挥其商业领导地位, TC Energy和South Bow可以提供更好的服务, 长期股东价值.

11月 21 2023


卡尔加里,艾伯塔省,11月. 21, 2023年(环球新闻专线)——TC能源公司(TSX, NYSE: TRP) (TC Energy or the Company) will host its annual Investor Day on Tuesday, 11月. 28, 2023. Members of TC Energy’s senior executive team will provide an update on TC Energy’s operations, 最近的发展和战略展望. 该活动将于上午8点开始进行网络直播(带幻灯片的音频).m. EST (6 a).m. MST). Interested parties may view the webcast available on TC Energy’s website at TC Energy 2023 Investor...

11月 8 2023


TC能源公司(TSX, NYSE: TRP) today announced that its Board of Directors (Board) declared a quarterly dividend of $0.截至12月12日的季度,每股普通股为93美分. 2023年1月31日,公司已发行普通股. 普通股股息于一月六日派发. 31, 2024, to shareholders of record at the close of business on Dec. 29, 2023. 董事会还宣布季度分红...

11月 8 2023

TC Energy任命John E. Lowe担任董事会主席

TC能源公司(TSX, NYSE: TRP) today announced on behalf of its Board of Directors (the Board) that John E. Lowe将被任命为董事会主席,从1月6日起生效. 1, 2024. Delivering on his commitment to align with TC Energy’s revised governance guidelines regarding board commitments as outlined in the 2023 Management Information Circular, Siim一. Vanaselja将辞去公司董事会主席一职...

11月 8 2023

TC Energy reports strong third quarter 2023 operating and financial results and achieves mechanical completion on Coastal GasLink ahead of target

Comparable EBITDA now expected to be at the upper end of 2023 outlook. TC能源公司(TSX, NYSE: TRP) released its third quarter results today. 弗朗索瓦地方, TC能源公司总裁兼首席执行官评论道, “在第三季度, we made monumental progress on Coastal GasLink and have achieved mechanical completion ahead of our year-end target...